Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Feb 11

What’s going on in the ultramarathon scene this weekend…besides the six Golden Tickets being offered at Black Canyon? Jeffrey Stern from UltraRunning Magazine has the schedule right here.

How to use “backyard” ultras and timed events to fix failure points for your other races.
I’ve been saying this for years! If you’ve got hesitation about heading out on the trails for your first 50k, 50M, etc, sign up for a timed event! Your aid stations are taken care off, no getting lost, pacing is easier, etc.

This 50k in South Africa has a ~$250k prize purse. I’d love to see some of our top runners over there!

Trailrunner Mag: What runners should know about donating blood. Anyone else make that mistake of donating before a long run?

CTS/Koop: Scientific approach to how your emotional mood affects your ultramarathon performance. Interesting stuff. For me, by best endurance performances are when I’m either angry or when my mood is buffered by THC.

I’ve always been afraid–fine, maybe darkly intrigued by the idea of--finding a dead body on a run. This older fella in England was strolling on a beach and found something similar.

Turns out the record holder for the mens 85+ 50k is a hell of an interesting guy.

Have you dropped a shot of espresso into your beer yet? Gross, right? But what if it’s a cream ale? Sounds pretty good!

Interested in sky running? Here’s an article that explains the discipline, how it’s different from “trail running” and why it’s seeing such massive growth.

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