Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Feb 17

Read this: A guest blog from John Muir*. Beautiful.

I’m still so excited about the shirt we all helped design for rabbit that celebrates the transformative women in this sport.  What started as a simple email turned into something really cool!  So here it is!  Pre-order info exclusive to you all!  Sounds like the fellas’ version will be available soon.  Thanks again to Monica and everyone at rabbit for making this happen.

Don’t even think about crowdfunding your race costs. And if you’re asking for money for a fundraising run, please provide info on how the money will be spent.

An exhaustive list of good city runs around the world.  Is your big city on there?

Running Way Too Cool in a few weeks? Better check this out first.  The good news is that the Auburn/Cool area has a solid crew of trail volunteers who’ll likely fix the erosion quickly.  Thank You for all you do!


Science in the 70s: Too much exercise can kill you.  “Wrong” says the dudes from the Breakfast Club.

Sounds like Zach Miller is struggling with the decision not many of us are faced with:  UTMB or Hardrock this summer?  Which would you choose?

From ABBA to vikings to IKEA to Absolut and fartleks, Sweden is pretty freaking awesome.  So it’s no surprise that an endurance event started over drinks is something I desperately want to do.  Please, someone start one of these in the states!

Triathlons don’t usually excite me, but a trail version on the beaches and jungles of Thailand…does.  

I’ll see some of you tomorrow at the wet and wild Fourmidable 50k USATF Trail Championships in Auburn.  That course is going to be gnarly!

Watch this: Latest edition of the Mountain Outhouse.  Lots of great news including how to properly pronounce FKTOY, Camille’s new beer sponsor, and the idea for an elimination ultra.

First Utah lost OR, now it’s losing Interbike too.  Either the governor is making a very poor decision, or the outdoor industry thinks it’s a lot bigger than it really is.  

You read about “nerve gliding” last week on these pages.  Here’s Jay’s report from Rocky Raccoon…how’d it work out for him???

If you were interested or inspired by Stephanie Case’s interview last week (one of my favorites, for sure), be sure to check out Sarah’s campaign to raise money for her Free to Run campaign.

I’ve got a few emails asking about trekking pole stowage on packs.  My experience is limited (though I did find the UD bungee system helpful), but what do you use?

Happy 25th anniversary, AJW. We’ve all learned a lot from your 1/4 century of ultramarathon wisdom.

So, what do you think of the Spike Free bars? Helping avoid the dreaded bonk and spike?

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