Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Feb 18

Ultrarunning: What’s up in trail running and ultramarathons this weekend?

Jackpot Ultra (USATF 100M Road Championships) will be aired here live today. Don’t worry, it’s not a USATF stream, it’s Jamil’s Steep Life Media so you know it’ll be good!

Next level Strava art from San Francisco.

Sarah Lavender Smith: Strength and conditioning for trail runners. Lots of good advice and ideas in there.

iRunFar: Cool article on Emily Hawgood. I was fortunate enough to see her finish Canyons 100k last year where she earned her Golden Ticket and the elation and joy she showed was contagious. Ever seen a picture of Emily without a huge smile on her face? Me neither.

Ultrasignup: Howie Stern’s favorite trail running pics from 2021.

Beer: Just how big was Norm’s tab on Cheers?

Oh Jesus: David Melly writes about the allure of the sub 4 minute mile and concludes that it’s…racist.

Altra releases new trail shoe that looks like it was designed by Salomon.

Outdoor kit company Rab offers UK customers the chance to rent gear on short term basis. Are there any US companies doing this? I know REI and other outfitters offer similar programs, but this is the first time I’ve seen a manufacturer do it.

Something RDs hopefully never have to deal with: What happens when someone drives onto the course with a gun and takes an athlete hostage.

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