Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Feb 22

You can have the most beautiful sculpted calves, the highest V02 max, and an iron stomach, but if you don’t have mental toughness, you will not succeed in ultramarathons. Here’s a good piece by Roche about how to increase and maintain yours.

Tourist climbers are trashing Everest base camp, so China cut off all all access.

Trail runner hospitalized after becoming overly stoked.

We chatted with Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy after his self supported Appalachian Trail FKT in 2017. Now he’s released a film of the trek…it’s really good, and it’s also really good at showing me that long thru hikes like that aren’t for me.

And if you’re intent on totally blowing off work this Friday, check out Billy Yang’s movie about Dave Mackey right here.

The latest Nike shoe incident: Immortalized perfectly by the Onion.

Turns out jogging running is good for your mental health.

Don’t feel like a run today? Maybe some perspective from Gabe Grunewald will help. What an absolutely incredible person.

Did you catch our latest interview with the first sub 4 miler to register for Western States? Here’s Matt Daniels.

That episode was sponsored by STRAVA. Use URP at checkout for a free trial.

I’m enjoying these looks back. In this most recent piece, AJW reviews Anne (Lundblad) Riddle’s 2005 UROY season.

Looking at dry needling to address my strained soleus. I’d always thought of it as voodoo science, but so many people have recommended it that I’m giving it a try.

Skurka shouldn’t have a hard time filling these cool outdoor jobs. Take a look.

Though there’s some fine print, yes, there’s a pub in Britain where you can pay for beer with Strava miles.

Sarah’s review of the Skechers GORun Razor 3 makes me want a pair. Fast and cushioned? Yes please.

As of this writing, the LetsRun boards have been discussing their “favorite” ultrarunners and the conversation has stayed civil.

Ian’s preview of the Transgrancanaria elite field.

Sometime between setting the new 50+ mens road 100 mile record last weekend, Jean had time to fly back home, get in a few recovery runs, maintain his high level tech job, care for his family, fly to Kuala damn Lumpur, and write this race report. Time management is the name of the game!

The rabbit hutch is throwing down solid results most weekends. Last weekend was no exception. I’ll be chatting with  Dani Moreno early next week. Stay tuned.

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