Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Feb 24

Update on Dylan Bowman:  He’s currently at the notorious San Quentin Prison.*  

Great interview with Dave McGillivray, the RD of the Boston Marathon, about his history in the sport (I didn’t know he did a transcon!) and the logistics of putting on such a huge event.

This brewery is 1.5 miles from my house and they’re doing a Girl Scout cookie pairing and infusion this weekend.  You’ll know where to find me.

When there are three women in the race and two drop out…you win!  Yukon native wins the tough Yukon Arctic Ultramarathon last week.

Scott Dunlap‘s fun report from the muddy FOURmidable 50k last weekend.

Most likely by the time you read this, Orcas Island 100 will be under way.  Every year I tell myself I’ve got to get up there for that race.  Oh well, maybe 2018.

France kicks Venezuelan pro XC skier out of the county because he sucks so bad.  And I don’t mean relative to the other pro skiers…I mean he really, really sucks.

So about last night…I’m not sure what happened.  We had a few people on the Hangout, but it looks like the link wasn’t working for dozens of others.  Sorry about that. I’ll figure out what went wrong and fix it for next time.

I’ll be releasing my interview with Morgan Elliot later today. Look out for this guy in 2017, especially on the technical 50k circuit.  He spent time with Walmsley last year in Flagstaff and I asked him about Jim’s sub 14 prediction at Western. Stay tuned.

After his own surgery last year, AJW’s ode to the long run is giving me plenty of hope for my own recovery. I can’t wait to get back out there, and to relish the patterns of the long run.

Out of an abundance of caution, this cyclist is done with the roads.  I don’t hear the same level of fear (and reported close-misses) from road runners.

Short news day.  Prepping for an interview with Andy Wacker this morning. 

*(Well, volunteering his time to coach inmates towards a marathon on the prison grounds.)  Here’s a kickstarter for a movie idea about the event.

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