Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Feb 26

Ultramarathon News

Another Olympic Trials Marathon runner upset with the (lack of) accommodations at the race.

And in Mario’s Morning Shakeout, he addresses the topic and others. I’d urge you to subscribe.

This guy took a lot of time and energy to tell us how much he doesn’t like talking about running shoes.

The Mt Mitchell Challenge is tomorrow in NC. I tried and tried to find someone to interview about the race, but couldn’t get anyone to return messages.

You’ve got either a puffy jacket or a waterproof outer shell, right? Here’s how to wash them and keep them nice.

Borrowing an Elliptigo for awhile to see what this thing’s all about. I’m getting it today, and will share my thoughts soon.

Why why why why why why would you join a treadmill studio if you live steps away from some of the most epic trails in the country???

The adultification of youth sports. My daughter Sunny is 6 and is on her first sports team–track and field.  It can be tough to back away and just let her be, ya know?

Alternate-distance races are a great way to stay focused, besides you almost always get a PR.

Not sure if these RunninHigh shirts are a reference to trail runners or not. Oh wait, it’s Avery Collins’ company? Never mind. I think I know.

What are you running this weekend?

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