Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Feb 7

Run Spirited: Henry sits down with Zach and Nicole Bitter to learn more about how they balance life and running, how they met (Liza!), and how they approach obstacles together.
Re: Zach’s choice in music, hell yes on ACDC, but I’ll go with Let There Be Rock, live from Argentina. The boys were 60 years old (!) when they performed this! (And the energy from the girls at 6:02 is how I want to feel on the trails.)

Ultrarunning: More marriage advice from Cory and Melanie Reece on how to avoid a mid-race divorce.

Part Stravart, part Rickey Gates’ Every Street, people are creating routes that look visually cool and allow the runner to see new parts of town. Behold, the 200 mile London Spiral walk.

IRF: Certainly not a young gun running the big mountain races, Bob Hearn is the Prince of Pacing, known for his scientific and methodical approach to multi days and track races. An accomplished AI whiz and tech guy, Bob is…let’s say obsessive…about his preparation and races and his results show it. Here’s his latest report from Six Days in the Dome (it’s long, but read it!) and here’s our interview with him.

Semi-Rad: Some new weather charts from Semi-Rad. So true.

“When I start to feel too skinny, I give myself more of a green light to eat some donuts and ice cream. It’s not rare. There will be some nights when I just down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.”

Sports Illustrated crawls inside Jim Walmsley’s fridge to see what he’s eating.

Trailrunner Mag/Roche: Speaking of food, what if you have a crappy gut and it’s affecting your running?

NYT: While I’m adamant about categorizing sports based on sex and not gender, cases like Aminatou Seyni’s require so much more nuance and consideration. I’m anxious to follow her progress.

I depend on South China Morning Press for most of my China-related MUT news, and today–like much of this week–it’s largely dominated by Coronavirus news.

Canadian Running: How ultrarunning can make you a faster marathoner.

Lots of races this weekend and the weather is nice in Northern California. I’ll be inside painting and doing finish work. Almost done…I can smell the barn!

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