Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Jan 10

UROY Countdown: Brittany Peterson and Tim Tollefson roll in at #6.

And here are the FKTOY awards for #5, 4, and 3.

Toni Reavis: Toni has some interesting ideas for updating athletics. While his recommendations focus on field events, I’m curious what changes he’s propose for running events. Only one I can think of recently was the mixed gender relays, which seemed to be a flop. I can’t think of any changes (outside of ya, know, actual coverage) of MUT events that could make our silly sport appeal to more people. You?

WMRA: The World Mountain Running Association announces its World Cup schedule for 2020, including one North American event. See you at Broken Arrow!

Market trends and forecasts for energy gel companies. I’ve gotta believe we’re near saturation point, right?

Outside: Rickey Gates is the rambling poet of the running world. Good bio on a cool, authentic guy.

The Daily Mail, your trusted source for “I used to be a vegan, but now I eat raw lamb brains and I feel bloody great!” diet advice.

iRunFar: Lottery/points winners for the various UTMB events. The number of top runners and events is overwhelming. Wish there were some more clarification/understanding on Kilian’s position at the race.

Semi-Rad: Stock photos of people unnecessarily using laptops in nature.

TrailSisters: Running on your period.

AP: The IOC details rules on political protests at Olympic Games. The self-importance and hypocrisy of some of these athletes should be embarrassing, but to what degree should their speech/actions be controlled? I don’t have an answer for that.

Podium Runner: This group of runners have finished sub 3 marathons in five different calendar decades…70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and teens. Now they are headed for 6DS3.
Here’s a challenge for Western States stats folks: Twiet went <24hr in the 80s, 90s, and 00s, (and by all accounts shoulda/coulda in the 10s.) What’s the next best streak?

TrailRunner: What’s the perfect pre-race breakfast? Ask the RDN has an answer. Personally, if I’m at home or if it’s available, it’s oatmeal. If not, whatever bar I buy at the grocery store the night before, then whatever fruit I can find in the hotel lobby. Then sometimes I just trust my body.

Sunny and I are both running One Day in Auburn on Sunday. It’ll be her first real long run (we’re both doing the 6 hour), and I really thing this is the perfect format for a kid who wants to run long “by themselves”, but still be safe from a parenting perspective. She can run 20 minutes, then eat pizza for the remaining time if she wants, or she can run the whole time. Up to her. I’ll be staggering/walking/jogging around the track focusing on myself.
And how cool–for any age!–to get to run on the storied Placer High track?!? Pre-race shakeout on Saturday will be a three hour, all ages Nerf battle.

Forbes: I sure hope this transcon rails to trails gets completed in my lifetime.

URP note: Yes, still recording, but taking a short break during house remodel. Between loss of power, hammering, or, yes, the total destruction/removal of my old studio, I hope to record again next week.

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