Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Jan 11

Crazy formats and tough terrain often get the press, but what are the five best 50ks around the world? Alright, what’d they miss besides Mendocino 50k?

Take a few minutes to read this moving story about what happened when a hiker discovered a pair of sneaker footprints headed off into the snow. Read the whole thing and if it doesn’t move you, read it again.

Numbers seven…Amanda Basham and Zach Bitter.

If the Olympics don’t care about clean athletes, maybe we should stop caring about the Olympics.

Are you an RN looking for a new gig with great training potential? Maybe in the Grand Canyon?

Hindered by the lack of natural landscapes in Manhattan, Todd Aydelotte puts together “historic ultramarathons” that track interesting figures. His most recent run covered 74 miles of Nikolia Tesla’s accomplishments. Yo Todd, throw together a website and start organizing tours!

We’ve had an interesting discussion on Twitter about the toughest events. I say the steeplechase or 400 hurdles. Mario goes with 3k or 800. Coree chooses the same. Varner says it’s the 800. Ellie’s toughest distance is the half marathon. What’s yours?

Now to expand on that conversation a bit, who’d win an 800? Which top MUT folks have the strongest legs, giant lungs, and the ability to redline for two minutes? Sage? Max? Coree? And which women would you put money on?

Ever wondered what the top OCR athletes make in winnings? Note, this list does not include sponsor money or other streams of income.

Show up at the right track meet in Europe, and you just may see nuns and Swiss guards lining up to race. Welcome to the Vatican’s Track Team.

Your pop science clickbait study for the week: Coffee, alcohol, and being fat makes you live longer.

Here are the elite lists for all the UTMB events. Most important list is at the end…big names not on any lists: Jim, Rory, Kilian, Francesca, Francois.

One Day in Auburn is this weekend on The Track at Placer High. There are two ultramarathon media guys on the registration list you may recognize…anxious to see how they both do. Have fun fellas!

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