Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Jan 17

Flotrack: Kipchoge and Bekele will go head to head at London. This should be massive sports news and I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

SCMP: Well this should be fun to watch. Jared Hazen taking the Zach Miller approach to HK100 this weekend. Giddy up.

What I’ve discovered is the therapeutic effect trails have on me.  Getting out to trail run or XC ski is like a warm blanket of comfort wrapped around me.  I find escape on trails, I find the ability to think clearly, I find answers to questions that have been unanswerable.  I need the mental space that trails provide me.  The room trails give me to fully breathe.  That place could be different for everybody- it could be the gym, hiking, yoga, biking, etc., but for me, trails are my oasis.

Finding sanity and serenity with Trail Sister Katie Miller.

Why do smart people believe and do dumb things? Bro science and diet fads, explained.

Looking for an incredible opportunity for training? Can you make coffee and handle near isolation? Apply within.

Raaaawr! Yo, CNN, gonna help us out with a more defined location? I’d rather stay clear of those trails for awhile!

CTS/Koop: Breaks down the study showing women are faster than men at a certain distance.

Speaking of women, Damian Hall (writing for iRunFar) does a great job highlighting Jasmin Paris’ upbringing, goals, and big win at The Spine.

Ultrarunning UPOY: Camille’s WR and Jim’s CR win Performances of the Year. Man, that’s a tough one. While Jim’s Western States was awesome, I would’ve given the nod to Zach’s 100M WR and it looks the voters (myself included) basically called it a tie. Both were phenomenal. A category that I vote silently on each year is the best finish line celebration, and that undoubtedly goes to Courtney’s UTMB win.

rabbit: Eric Senseman writes a powerful piece about what happens when your race doesn’t go as planned, the accompanying mental anguish, and ultimately, the lessons learned. Great read.

Semi-Rad: Head on over to Brendan’s Friday Inspiration for a few more funny links.

Music: If you haven’t checked out the Nathaniel Rateliff album, do so soon. While not the uptempo party music that he records with The Nightsweats, it’s heartfelt, warm, and masterful.
More music: Dude, Em, just stop. I got excited about your latest drop, but it’s time to hang it up.

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