Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Jan 20

Five pro tips for moving up to the ultramarathon distance from Meredith Edwards.

Six things to never say to an injured friend.

Have any Vancouver runners ever run across this half pipe deep in the woods? How awesome is that?!?

Oldie bug goodie article from Outside: What happens to a relationship built on adventure…when life gets in the way of the outdoors?

What’s Anton been up to? Climbing and ski mountaineering and writing crazy-detailed reports of his adventures.

You heard Mike Wardian’s plan for his 7/7/7 adventure right here. He’s currently in Antarctica and the race should start tomorrow.  WaPo article right here. Follow his social media to track the progress.

ultramarathon bridge
Tim Olson and pace Hal Koerner crossing No Hands Bridge during WS100 in 2012.
–Many of you have seen or run No Hands Bridge as the mile 97 marker at Western States Endurance Run.  It flooded last week, and some dudes decided to skimboard it and film it with their drone. Awesome!

Sage’s vlog report from Honk Kong 100.

I gave away a pair of awesome North Face puffy slippers to Makiko Yamashita on the URP Patreon page yesterday and will launch another cool giveaway early next week.  If you’re reading the URP Daily News, please consider becoming a patron and supporting my work. Thanks!

Yeah, it’s only 6 miles, but the gain is 2,600 feet in the Wasatch Range. Oh, and you need to run it as many times as possible in 24 hours.  Jared Campbell’s the RD, so you know this isn’t an event for wimps.

Great analogy, AJW! The similarities between a great teacher and running.

If anyone is looking to god a self-supported run on a road in Washington, now may be your best chance.  And by the way, I think I’ll pass on that steak tonight.

Did you see our latest review of the North Face Ultra Endurance trail shoe.  Scott from Austin did a great job reviewing it in different terrain right here.

Interesting: Science answers why are we so damn sore in the morning?

Five great pub MTB rides/runs in the UK.

Last week was goat yoga, this week we had beer yoga, now it’s laughter yoga, where people get together and laugh at each other’s problems. Or something.  And I have no idea how it relates to yoga whatsoever.

HELP! I’m working with an apparel company to help design an awesome shirt celebrating ultra/trail women and will need design help from everyone. Details later today. Stay tuned!

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