Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Jan 22

ultrarunning Magazine: Good writeup of Michael Ortiz‘s “Game of Hundos” last year. Truly remarkable what he was able to do. I’d love to know the final price tag! Here’s our interview with him.

The Olympics are postponed again.

Also: No, the Olympics are happening this year.

Fun interview with Michele Graglia and his rise from fashion model to ultramarathon runner. Here’s our chat with Micky from 2014 as he was just getting started.

These 5th and 6th graders are starting to get too fast for me!

iRunFar/Little: Sabrina Little writes another excellent thought-provoking essay about vice, virtue, life pressures and how New Years resolutions vary between people. Good read.
Personally, my resolution is going pretty well. I challenged myself to eat an entire habanero pepper in one bite and I’m finding that consistent training is helpful. I’m tempted to write more here but I think I’ll save it for a full post in the near future.

Guardian: World Athletics has banned or suspended a bunch of people in the past few years, ensuring that the sport is clean and that doping won’t be tolerated. Some people may have differing opinions on how suspensions are doled out.

–Here’s a list of the HOKA athletes promoting the new Hoka shoe…(and running a time trial this weekend in hopes of breaking the 100k world record.) Here’s how to watch it.

Buying your running shoes from a questionable site? Beware, those Nyke shoes may be fakes.

Looks like the transgender athlete discussion is far from over.

Took a cue from Billy Yang and started to clear out much of my Twitter feed this week. Here’s what I learned while trying to make my social media more positive and productive:
-I follow a ton of non-sentient beings: Court’s shorts, Tim Olson‘s hair, random trashcans, a guitar case. Other non-humans include dogs, a lottery ticket, a tuktuk in New Delhi, etc. They’re all staying.
-I’m blocked by the right wing conspiracy lady from iRun4Ultra and from Mr. Superwoke Sage Canaday, so I think those even out pretty well. But hey, the GOAT Eliud Kipchoge follows me and that makes me happy.
-I follow a ton of musicians and comedians and they’ll all be staying.
-Brands, listen up: Most of your content is boring garbage.
-I’m happy with my mix of perspectives. Remember, a follow ≠ endorsement.

Speaking of the Twitter, I shared this Pickle Whiskey yesterday and was surprised at how many people expressed interest. So who’l be the first Pickle Whiskey Miler?

Top two European FKTs. Did you get them right?

CTS/Koop: It’s tough to make plans of any type right now, but a good project nonetheless. What’s your long-term plan for your running and racing?

Japanese Running: Fun for spectators but miserable for athletes, the Osaka Marathon will be held on a 2.8km loop in a park.

Have a great weekend everyone. I’ll be hiking, running, and paddling. As wacky as California tends to be, ya can’t complain about the weather.

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