Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Jan 27

Ultrarunnning Magazine: What’s going on in the ultramarathon and trailrunning scene this weekend?

DCRainmaker analyses Strava’s updated pricing fiasco.

Sarah Lavender Smith: How to plan a peak long run.

iRunFar: The geographic spread of ultramarathons in the US.  It’s easy for me to take for granted how many races we’ve got in Northern California.

Her stance is that no matter how hard co-ed groups try to encourage and accommodate women runners, women-only groups present perceived safer alternative spaces to connect, share, and grow confidence as an athlete.

–Totally honest question regarding this post on Trailrunner’s site: Does this group allow self-identified trans women to participate and what if women in the group no longer see it as a safe space?

More on the trans debate. In the past few days, many pro athletes–both men and women, Olympians, retired, Hall of Famers, etc–have come out in favor of keeping males out of women’s sports in any and all situations.  This was most recently triggered by World Athletic announcing that it was planning on lowering the T threshold, but that yes, biological men would still be permitted to compete against women and this analysis/report that ostensibly found trans women retain no advantage over biological women in competition.  (Note that we’re talking about trans athletes, not those with DSD.)
With this news (paywalled dammit), it looks like WA has listened and may be open to an “open” category for trans athletes to compete that would also ban men from the women’s category. This proposal will very quickly be shot down by TRAs but the momentum and public outcry is in motion and will not be silenced.

So who will be the first prominent MUT athlete or race director to step up and take a stand publicly? (I know you’re out there.) The T&F athletes who’ve spoken up haven’t been “cancelled” or faced repercussions, but rather they’ve been lauded by athletes across the globe for defending women’s rights. Time’s up.

Wanna be Lord Balls’ Admin?

UTMB makes it on to GQ’s list of Best Live Sports Events on Earth, along with The Masters and Wimbledon.

Pretty solid rant on runners and running. 

Candice update: She’s on day 83 of her “50k a day keeps the sanity away” project.

While I don’t necessarily agree with her decision, many of the eco-activists in the MUT space could take some lessons in consistency from this young lady.

Fegy feared he was succumbing to imposter syndrome, but the pictures and stories tell a different story.

Devon Yanko’s most recent health update. 2023 is off to an auspicious start with a new diagnosis, but she’s one tough person and I’m anxious to watch her race again soon.

Personal question: Our very close friends are starting a diet program this weekend. It’s a Kaiser Permanente program that’s pretty drastic and will have them drinking shakes for 14 weeks. They’re both quite overweight and they’ve chosen this method, a first attempt at losing weight in either of their lives.
For anyone who’s done something like this, could you give my wife and I any advice on how best to support them? Sure, all situations are different, but should we change our eating habits around them? Would that make a difference? Ask about how it’s going? Comment/congratulate on how they look? We’re both lost but would like to help as much as possible. DM or email would be fine. Thanks.

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