Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Jan 29

Good to see LetsRun is publishing The Week That Was again! In it, a compelling post about Jim Walmsley’s 100k in which Paul “SteeltownRunner” Cantor argues that Jim’s is the honest and legit World Record.

Oh hell yes. Ryan Ghelfi offering Fastpacking trips in Oregon and California with his new outfitter Wilderness Fastpacking. Looks like a ton of fun, and oh looksie, my calendar is wide open!

It seems I read about the 44k Honk Kong Trail every week, and here we go, there’s a new FKT. Does anyone know where to find a leaderboard? (FastestKnownTime has an entry but its listed as 50k and there’s only one entry.) I’d love to know what American or European runners do on the course.

Oiselle hires Alison Desir in a new role that will focus on DEI aspects in the outdoor market.

Friday Funny: Baby’s first Strava.

The dude who started the whole GameStop thing was/is a pretty damn good runner.

Is running a sexist, bigoted and racist hellscape? Kevin Beck argues that the need to drive controversy and clicks is causing an unnecessary, dishonest and false impression of our sport.
And am I “amplifying” his perspective? I’m including it within a panoply of stories from all angles.

iRunFar/Malcolm: Somehow I missed this excellent essay by Corrine Malcolm about the science of mental fatigue in endurance sports. Good read.

So maybe the Tokyo Olympics will happen, but now maybe fans won’t be allowed.

That’s cool, just have em here, says Florida Man.

When I flip through old family pictures of us camping or sailing, there’s often an Olympia Beer can in the frame somewhere. After 125 years of brewing, the brewery is closing amidst poor sales.

Inspired by her homie Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart starts a line of CBD products.

TrailSisters: Life lessons from an ultramarathon.

I recorded an interview yesterday with a super fast guy from Kansas who also has some fascinating insight into the business and social side of our sport. Stay tuned for a release later this morning.

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