Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Jan 3

Podium Runner/Adam Chase: Hills. How many vertical feet did you run last year? How to climb them and how to ascend. Theoretically, one starts with massive and veiny calves like the author.

Guardian: Meet the women at the top of the endurance sports scene.

Neel talks about what he does for race day nutrition and hydration. Cool to hear an Indian perspective.

NYT: “I don’t have time to run or work out…but I’ve got time to spend 6 hours a day staring at my smartphone.”

Vinepair: The ten best breweries in America, by region.

Taste testing non alcoholic beers.

Non-running journalists often look at our sport as crazy or extreme or comprised of “adrenaline junkies.” This guy gets it though, highlighting the community and friendships formed.

SCMP: Mark Agnew runs down the top MUT stories of the year. No mention of Maggie’s run at Big’s Backyard Ultra?

HighSnobiety: As of Wednesday, Nike retailers can no longer ship internationally. Article seems to be focused on European market…does the same apply to US retailers?

Japan Running News: Day one of the Hakone Ekiden saw records fall and some epic battles at the tape. Recap here.

Outside/Hutch: A higher Vo2 max is always better, right? Well…kinda.

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