Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Jan 31

NYT: Inspired by the surge in the American women’s distance running scene, Lindsay Crouse takes on an audacious goal of becoming a runner she didn’t believe she could be. Great essay!

Treeline Journal: Six ultramarathon race tactics for peak performance. Not just for elites, but for everyone. Step one: Have a freakin’ plan.

Semi-Rad and your Friday Funny: Winter running tips for you masochistic wierdos.

And more funny from Mark Remy…Is there any other reason to wear shorts over tights other than to conceal the wedding tackle?

Neel’s checklist and crew instructions for India’s first Last Man Standing event.
I know one thing that’d keep me going: More Indian food on each new lap…YUM.

Just wore a fanny pack slash thong (wait, wut?) on a run and it was pretty damn awesome. More on that later.

Ultrarunning Mag: Which North American ultramarathons had the most competitive fields last year? According to (y)our votes for UROY, it all starts with Western States…

Fortune: WTH? Please, make this new beer trend stop.

Gossip: It’s in Spanish, but this article says a few high profile Spanish athletes–from all different sports, apparently including MUT running–have been popped for EPO in Barcelona. No sources, no citations, so who the hell knows.

Telegraph: British women fight to run the same distance as men in XC races.

SCMP: No ban on the VaporFly for Tokyo, but what can we learn from other sports who’ve dealt with tech issues like this?

Adventure Journal: Not sure what the point of this article was, but yes, many trail runners listen to music and/or podcasts while running.
What do you use? I’m die-hard Aftershokz.

Remodel update: I hate drywall dust, I’m afraid of electrocuting myself, and Sam won’t stop giving dirty looks to the contractors. Good news: We have internet again, I moved a wall yesterday, and contractors should all be done by this weekend.

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