Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News, Fri, Jan 6

Ultramarathon News From Around the World

New Mountain Outpost (or is it Outhouse?) from JamJam.  Hilarious as always.

And hey, I’ll be chatting with Jamil/JamJam today for an upcoming podcast.  Any specific questions for him?

Also interviewing Mike Wardian about his upcoming adventure (7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days), his talk at the State Department, and his impressive 2017 calendar.  Any questions for Iron Mike?

Gary Robbins is heading to Barkley again this year.  Here’s our interview with him after his 2016 run…it’s one of my favorite interviews of the past seven years.  From the article:

β€œDuring the race I feel like I unlocked a door in my mind that led to a room I’d never entered before and in that room existed a near perfect version of myself, devoid of ego, free of judgement, removed from life’s minutia, steadfast in purpose, distracted by nothing, heart wide open with a complete inability to overreact to any obstacle that stood in my way. I wish I could be that person more often.”

Interested in learning more about the LCHF diet? Here’s an analysis of some hard data that will likely be contested tomorrow.

iceland ultramarathon
Hiking/Trail running in Iceland. Link below.

Daaaam! Ten of the best hikes/trail runs in Europe.

I wrote this review on the North Face puffy slipper last month.  Beware: I got my wife a pair and the sizing is REALLY off.  Order one full size up if you’re grabbing a pair.  Mens sizing is true.

You’ve seen some West Coast and International ultramarathon calendars for the year. Here’s what Jimmy’s racing on the #beastcoast.

Great essay about pushing the limits and accomplishing goals in ultramarathons.  Reminds me of this quote by URP guest Kevin Moore after his crossing of the Camino de Santiago in Spain:

As runners that’s what we’re challenged with…we usually never reach a point where we can’t take one step more.  We reach a point where we choose not to go any further because we stop believing that it’s possible.”

Getting ready for the Pliny the Younger release? Here’s all you need to know.  My take? I’ve been there, waited in line for three hours, had the ale, and ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it. Sure it’s great beer, but waiting in line for three hours with people taking selfies the whole time is stupid.

Have you seen this spec commercial? Some German film student made it, sent it in to Adidas, and they rejected it.  It’s fantastic.


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