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Ultramarathon Training 101: How to crush a 100 mile debut.

Andrew Miller’s report from Western States. I didn’t realize he’d dropped his pacer too!

Any event that’s started over a drunken bet in Sweden and that involves trail running and two people bungeed together in the water sounds like a race for me.  More on SwimRun.  Come on, California, start a race!

Dalton Lake. I will not forget Dalton Lake. I arrived here defeated, dehydrated, sharp pains in both sides and totally down. I went from saying I was going to enjoy this entire thing to hating it just like that…That all changed here at Dalton. I lied down next to the AS with my hands over my head breathing slow and they side pains started to subside.

-Jeff’s report from Black Hills 100.

Scott Dunlap always writes a great report with superb pics. His post on Western States is no exception. (Note: It’s 12 feet, and I hiked it up.)

Krissy Moehl highlights the differences between trail running then and now.

I don’t know what the hell is happening at AC100, but here’s one version.

Sept 24-25 in Park City Utah: North Face Endurance Challenge is still calling my name.  Use URP15 for discount at checkout.

Two professors are determined to get to the bottom of the Rob Young Trans-con debacle.

Hopefully the iTunes glitch is fixed and episodes since June 7th are hitting your players.

Here’s the most recent episode: Part 2/2 from Colleen and Chris’ Western States experience. Relatable and real, these siblings did it right.

This Sunday is the USATF Mountain Running Championships in New Hampshire.  Here’s a good overview.

Whether you’re running, riding, or hiking in grizzly county, watch out.

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