Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, July 10

Holy crapola this looks like it’s going to be awesome.  Watch Rob Krar, Karl Hoagland, and Caroline Boller all prepare for Western States.

Hardrock is underway. Here (IMG_6344) is a quick video of the start from this morning, now track some of the runners on this trail here. Cool site!

…and on the other end of the ultramarathon spectrum, complete Vol State updates are here.

How short are your shorts? And a running romper? Whaaa?

When a race starts out with the fans yelling “Die! Die! Die!”, you know it’s going to be good. Here’s David’s story from the USATF Long Distance Mountain Running Championships.

Compelling long-form piece on what it’s like being a female runner from Djibouti who doesn’t want to come in last place.

More details on Jurek’s AT team.

Great idea: How to throw a mystery beer party.

Check out my new review of the Montrail FluidFlex ST and the Bajada II. One’s a light and fast trail racer with decent stability, the other a 100 mile battle tank.

After riding for 700 miles last year with a torn hamstring, an infected wound, and a busted fibula, Josh Kato returned to the Tour Divide this year with a vengeance and smashed the record.

Case study: Buckle fever.

File this away under awesome workouts I’ll do one day.


A 40yo stay at home dad from Colorado just beat the hell out of all 58 14ers in the state.

Though the tracking isn’t entirely clear, this guy is doing 50 Ironman distance triathlons in 50 states in 50 days.

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