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You’re not getting anything productive done today. Here’s the IRF feed for Hardrock.

While Hardrock is taking place in CO, don’t forget about Vermont 100 and Santa Barbara 100 starting tomorrow.  Meanwhile, be sure to check in to the Vol State live standings.

The cognitive trick elite althletes use to achieve seemingly impossible goals.

PortaPotty etiquette for runners. Like checkout lines at a grocery store, there should lines based on efficiency: One for #1 and another for #2. And come on folks, there’s always the trail bathroom.

USADA need to be overhauled. Example #578.

An ode to one of the true great people in our sport: Tim Twietmeyer.

URP Partner: Looking for a hydration solution? Be sure to check out Camelbak’s line of packs, vests, belts, and handhelds all specifically designed for mountain trail running.

Met a Dutch gal at Mammoth Brewing yesterday who was thru-hiking the JMT. She’d never hiked before, but figured it was easier than the other adventure posed to her: Motorbiking from South Africa to the Netherlands.  Outdoor endurance sports do seem to attract the weirdos, eh?

Stay tuned for a comprehensive review of the new Suunto Spartan Sport watch. Ben’s had it for over a month and has some very informative opinions on its features.

I’m not a fan of races mandating what gear you must carry. Leave it to the athlete. Wimbledon takes it a step further and makes a doubles team change their underpants because their skivvies weren’t the right color.

The NYT covers Trail and ultra running camps. Been to one? What did you think?

Avery and Sabrina take us on a fun video journey up Big Agnes in NW Colorado.

Still in Mammoth. Sam and I are hoping to hit the trails today for a fun run while I’m trying out some new gear.


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