Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, July 17

Jurek’s group busted for unpermitted partying at the end of the AT.  Both sides have good points, but BSP’s rant on Facebook make them look pretty bad.

Throwback article about how to find the right pacer for your hundred miler.

What do you think of this? Come on, be honest.

A dozen cheap running gear hacks.  I’ll add to the list: Old socks with the toes cut off make great arm warmers at night.  Tic-tac boxes hold S-Caps perfectly. And ballet shrugs are wonderful sun protectors/shoulder warmers for any time.  Got more?

Anton remembers 2008 in the mountains with Skaggs.

Interesting: Running as pain relief.

Dude, go away.

Most of us like to eat healthy, and many of us like to watch our budgets too. Here’s a guide for both.  Now add some fresh-caught (and free!) fish, and I’m good.

Short news day. Driving to SoCal for the weekend.


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