Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, July 21

“Don’t you get bored out there???” Nope.  The perceived loneliness of the ultramarathon runner

TrailRunner Magazine’s list of S’18 trail shoes.  Ben’s testing some of them right now and I’m anxious to read his opinions.

Yay! Kristi from Canada finishes her first 50 miler at North Face Ontario. Oooh, she chose a muddy one. ICYMI, Rob Krar won the 50k that day.

I may have to drive to Colorado for this. Max King takes up GZ’s challenge and registers for pack burro racing event. New to the sport? Check out this interview with George from a few years ago where he describes the finer points of trail racing with a jackass.

Active.com crunched the numbers to determine which cities have the fastest runners. (You’ll get number one wrong.)

Why are so many hard scientists also endurance runners? What’s the connection?

I don’t like flakes, and I don’t like it when I have to make excuses.

…and as I write that I realize that I flaked on someone last night for an interview. (My reason? Rickey and Frosty stopped by for carnitas, beer, and a slumber party.)

Sunny getting Jew’s harp lessons from her new buddy.

WebMD: Do you really need protein powders?   Outside: Here are the best.

Fascinating: I could’ve avoided real surgery on my knee in February and opted instead for a sham surgery? The Placebo Effect is a fascinating aspect of being human, isn’t it? Ah, more on that. Yesterday I received an email from the Chaco Dev team letting me know that Chaco sandals are actually zero drops. (I’d estimated them at 6mm.) They sure as heck don’t look it or feel it, but I believed they were 6mm and my Achilles acted on that belief.

“I could never run a hundred miles!”  Yes, yes you can.

Follow along as “recreational runner” Matt Fitzgerald trains with HOKA elite in Flagstaff.

Have you been following along with Jill’s strange medical/fatigue symptoms? Super fit on two wheels and two feet, she’s been experiencing extreme fatigue for the past few months due to thyroid problems. It’s all explained in this post. 

Forest bathing. Oh, you mean meditation?

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