Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, July 23

Newsweek: Sad update on famed ultramarathon runner and adventurer Fred Zalokar.

Runner’s World: Comparing elites to amateurs and men and women on Strava.

iRunFar: Timothy Olson sets a new supported FKT on the 2600 mile Pacific Crest Trail. Here are his final few days on the FKT Boards. And in this new post, AJW writes about Timothy and Dylan and their impact on the sport of ultramarathon and trail running.

With DBo in mind, check out this incredible…I don’t even know what to call it…film(?) by Derrick Lytle of Hardrock 100 shot in s l  o  w   m o  t   i  o   n. I want this on my desktop all day.

And speaking of Hardrock, be sure to listen to the latest URP episode with Hardrock DFL finisher Terry Miller. In our talk, Terry shares the raw emotion of what he went through during his 47 hours and 43 minutes on the trail. Great story with some strong messages.

Follow your heart, follow your feet, and take that first step. Literally. That initial movement, as we all know, can set into motion a momentum that propels us forward … from one small adventure at a local park near home to a weekend car camping adventure to an overnight backpacking trip. Then again no one says you have to go bigger, farther, faster when it comes to how you experience the outdoors … you do you, in whatever way that means.

HOKA ambassador writes letter to anyone why feels “outside” the outdoors. Great stuff.

Honest question: So will Sherpa John’s race series really have seven different categories (and winners) for each event? (Male, female, agender, gender fluid, gender expansive, etc)
[UPDATE: Looks like I’m 180 deg wrong, or something? See comments.]

Trailrunner/Roche: Alcohol isn’t good for recovery so David’s done drinking. Whatever your reasoning, quitting alcohol is always a good thing.

Still no sign of trail runner Philip Kreycik. Case is baffling law enforcement and family, as there’s zero leads as to his disappearance.

URP News: Daily News updates will be scant next week. Immediately following my race on Sunday, we’re going on a road trip up through Rainier for some trail running, then to Northern Idaho, and ultimately over to Montana for a pack rafting (them on a raft, me on an SUP) overnight trip on the Yellowstone River, then back home through Twin Falls, ID.  Lots of driving, but the kids are at a perfect age for this and we’re ready to go! Any trails I need to know about?

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