Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, July 24

Nine trail running fashion trends we love to hate. Which ones are the best/worst?

You’d meet Clare Abram and have no idea this polite and soft spoken English lady was a freakin Hardrocker.  Here’s the proof. Sarah paced her for a few hours…see her at 6:20.

Uncle Darwin was so close to getting this one!

Dax’s report and gear list from the High Sierra Trail.

Chili and beer: An oldschool ultramarathon diet.

The case for racing flats.  But no mention of XC flats? They’re so much fun to run in!

I don’t have an Android device, and even if I did, I’m not sure I’d be playing a game about marathons.

Two things I wish: The font was bigger (or am I just old???)  And I wish we had ultra-distance Swim-Run races over here.

Don’t you wish you could make a race video like Billy does? Here’s his full film from his Western States journey. Awesome!

Think crewing a race is tough.  Try crewing Badwater.  Here’s a good preview to the race.  And here are the new restrictions by which the race must follow. Hey politicians, please stop trying to help us and let us have our race back.

Sometimes the headline just write themselves.

Lots of races this weekend! What are you running? I’m hosting a home-brew tour in my neighborhood Sat evening, then long run on Sunday. Yahoo!

You’ve got two months to train for this. AND you get a URP discount. Who’s in?

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