Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, July 26

Clint McKnight back with you again to give you some headlines while Eric is out. We made it to Friday! Anyone have any big weekend adventures planned?

If you need some help thinking or planning those adventures and want take advantage of public lands, here is a list to get you going.

Run uphill or walk uphill? Killian may have settled that question of economy for us.

Wow, good for this woman for standing up for herself. Shame on bystanders who didn’t help, hope the creep gets apprehended.

Does it matter what time of day you train? It seems that as we have heard before consistency is probably the key.

Whoa, this gentleman, “Burty” Burt Kennedy ran the Great North Walk, a trail running from Sydney to Newcastle in New South Wales in Australia. Thinking that went so well he decided to turn around and go back for a total of 550 kilometers in 6 days. Check out the recap here.

Two stellar ladies of ultra running (Corrine Malcolm and Dr. Stephanie Howe-Violett) fill you in on post workout recovery nutrition.

“Running can obliterate you, because few sports expose people to themselves with such brutality.” This quote comes from author Colin Daileda who takes a look at the Hell ultra and two men from India looking to be the first person from their country to finish that race.

Looking for a refreshing summer brew? Here is a really nice one from a craft brewery in my neck of the woods.

Anyone taking part in the Burro Days festivities this weekend? The race starts Sunday and if your curious as to what racing with a burro is like Salomon put out an entertaining video about it last year.

I don’t really know what to do with this one as anything I say will like spark some offense one way or another. I will simply say I don’t really agree with this perspective and I since I have both volunteered at races and benefited from volunteers I don’t like the shaming that goes on in the article. However, this viewpoint can perhaps start a conversation that could have positive outcomes. You get to decide that I guess, hello world of 2019.

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