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Horrible loss for the running and ultramarathon world: Apple cancels the Shuffle. Whhhhhhyyyy????

Ah, one of my favorite discussions: What’s more impressive, a fast mile or a slow marathon–or for that matter, any ultramarathon? For the runners who can do both well, you are truly special.

Mountain running champ Joe Gray writes about how fellow elite athletes know when someone is doping.

Being successful doesn’t guarantee happiness, but being happy guarantees success.

–Watch this excellent 4 minute video of Nick Symonds explain longevity and durability in the sport. Great stuff.

Are you in a routine–even if it’s a good one–that’s getting in your way? Maybe you need to take a week off and come back hungry. Here’s Amy’s story.


Why I like having multiple runners review shoes. Ben gave the Salomon Sense Ride a big thumbs up, while in this latest review, Jade would pass on buying a pair. It all comes down to what you’re looking for in a trail shoe.

Not entirely sure what this is all about, but I’m assuming prison isn’t going to accommodate the Fruitarian’s dietary restrictions.

Based on the name of his site, I thought he already was a jogger. Kidding aside, good to see he’s keeping with it rather than giving up entirely!

Want to win a signed copy of Sarah’s book A Trail Runner’s Companion? Head on over the URP Patreon page, submit your best question re training, and Sarah will answer the question in our interview next week and she’ll also send you a signed book. Cool!

Do you buy your Hammer products on Amazon? Not any more. I don’t fully understand (or more precisely, I suppose, accept) their specific retail model, but this seems like a decision that will send customers to other products that are available on the retail giant. Thoughts?

I’d love to see this enthusiastic little dog on the trails.

AJW writes about whether we make decisions with our heads or our hearts. I’d hate to be the noncommittal “both” guy, but in races and runs, I think I tend to weigh both hard data and emotions equally.  

When I think of England’s Lake District, I think of sweet trails and fell racing.  Apparently it’s also home to the Stone Skipping Championships. Do these guys bring their own stones, or are they forced to walk around the beach, head down, searching for that perfect shape?

Plug: 102 degrees in Northern CA today and hydration is important. Check out Camelbak’s latest packs, belts, vests, and handhelds right this way. I’m also hearing great feedback from their booth at OR…lots of excitement about the 2018 gear!

You know you don’t have to have a bib or a buckle to run trails, right? Here’s an excellent guide to training and planning your own self-supported trail ultramarathon. (I’ve got one coming up in October. Can’t wait.)

Esquire Magazine does a pretty good job of covering Barkley. 

This weekend: Burro Days in Fairplay, Colorado. This will be Max King’s first pack burro trail race. If anyone is there, maybe livestream it?

Friday Funny: Ultrarunning motivational posters.

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