Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, July 29, 2016

Tropical John here, pinch-hitting for Eric who is on a well-deserved break with his bride Samantha today.

Sex at the Olympics? This would appear to be one area where the Brazilian organizers have it covered.

Speaking of the Olympics, I’d prefer this sport to rhythmic gymnastics or synchronized swimming. But c’mon, a trail 100K would be even better!

Ms. Tenacity gets her money’s worth. Check out Andrea Feucht’s Hardrock report.

Sawbriars anyone? UltraRunning magazine’s in-depth report on Barkley by Leon Lutz.

Somebody will be promoting this as the next aid station fare soon. I think I’ll stick with water and PBJs, thanks.

The next Andrew Miller? A 14-year-old takes on the Silver Rush 50.

Political season is in full swing, and there’s always a local angle. Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is polling in single digits but wins hands down in a fitness contest. Among other feats he has climbed Everest and finished both Western States and Leadville in 1989. OK, I’m not promoting the guy for the job (he’s not my candidate), but still. . .

Former Stanford track star Lauren Fleshman retires from elite competition. But the founder of Picky Bars was seen crewing at Western States. And we all know how seductive that is. . .

We’ve all talked about the ultimate road trip. Here’s one I’d like to take.

The Vineman Triathlon – which goes right by my house in Sonoma County tomorrow – was sold last year to the Kona Ironman folks. Who then proceeded to dump the charity race in the interest of making a few extra bucks. Let us hope our sport never buys into the triathlon ethos.

Before there was Lake Sonoma and The North Face Endurance Challenge, the White River 50 was the most competitive in the country. RD Scott McCoubrey puts on a great race, good luck to all running on Saturday. Or wherever else you’re going.

OK, it’s either a quiet news day or I’m nowhere near as good as Eric at finding this stuff on the interwebs. Or both.



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