Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, July 3

Here’s a fascinating story about a guy who embezzled 8 million bucks, but instead of retiring, went on a six year hike on the AT.

Jurek is still on target to break the AT FKT.  Here’s Ian’s interview with him.

Haha: If people talked about other hobbies like they talk about running.

ultramarathon caroline boller
Caroline Boller coming through Foresthill.

Varner’s report from States and his first big DNF.  He’ll bounce back.

Alex had some rough patches last weekend…here are 9 ways to overcome negative thoughts during a race.

Oldie but goodie: Greg McMillan on calibrating your inner GPS.

Here’s Timothy’s report from Lavaredo.  Sounds like he’s got to figure out what’s going on.

Dax got himself some face cancer, and now he’s doing the “7 day I ain’t doing sH#*” challenge.

Greg Soderlund, longtime ultrarunner and past RD of Western States needs a kidney. Can you help?

Speaking of RD’s, interested in working in the industry in Texas?

Ethan writes about Pre and how his words and style translate to ultramarathons.

I spoke with Erika Lindland a few days before her Western run here.  She updates us on how everything went right here. Those last few sentences are key.

Israel is heading out on an FKT across Colorado in hopes of making money for the US 24 hour team.

Seeing these little bothies really really really makes me want to run in the Scottish Highlands.  Anyone experienced in running between them?

Lots of 4th of July races out there. What are you running tomorrow?

Didya see the discount for The North Face Endurance Challenge in Utah in September?  Click the link in the upper right for more info.

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