Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, July 31

Short and sweet news day.  Heading off for vacation/race.

Global reader survey results regarding PED in ultrarunning. Surprised?

…and sometimes they’re taking PEDs that aren’t even meant for human consumption.

Hey parents, keep your kids outside in nature. This video is shameful.

I love stories like this: She started running late, had kids, showed no potential, worked hard….and just qualified for the Olympic freakin’ Marathon trials.

Jeff V just posted a pic of Dave Mackey walking on a trail with trekking poles. Yeah, he’s got some brace on his leg, but wow!  If you missed the interview about his accident, check it out here.

The great ICE debate continues.

Next year’s Rio Olympics will have intense competition and a lot of really, really poopy water.

Schlarb’s quick notes from Eiger.

NUC: Do these stereotypes about your state sound about right?

Industry folks: Nope, I won’t be at OR next week. Keeping it close to home and saving my hall pass for a potential international trip in November.  Ethan will be there though. He’s offered to buy beer and vegan food for everyone.

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