Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Jun 12

Every course preview should be like this one put together for the oldest trail race in the country, the Dipsea.

I sure hope Adam can pull off this record in the Lakes District. It looks like such great terrain for a 24 charge like this! Track him live here.

Canada, you’re lucky. Oh please oh please oh please bring an event like this to the States. Tahoe maybe?

You’ve also got The North Face series coming to Ontario next month. I like this part of the course description: “High bluffs and wide valleys provide excellent views of the rolling countryside and will leave runners humbled by both the beauty and the unique terrain that this area has to offer.”  And be smart, eh, and use the URP15 code for a discount!

This guy added a “sub freezing environmental chamber” to his gear list.

World’s highest paid athletes list. I recognize maybe 10 people on there. Two women on the list, and no one runner.

How to eat healthy during BBQ season.

Jurek’s on a mission and listener Tyler got a chance to run with him for awhile. Awesome!

The guys at ultra168 chat with Aussie Brendan Davies as he makes his way to the US to run Western States. Expect to see Brendan in the top ten.

Hey ladies, here’s a podcast about female runners and fertility.

The Angry Jogger takes on the “running addiction” question like only he could.

If you’ve got crew coming to Western, make sure they listen to this podcast with veteran crew/ultramarathoner Kim Gaylord.  She talks specifically about where to go and what to do at Western States.


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