Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, June 10

Strava launches some new offering and options for trail runners. I’ll have to dig into these new features, but they look pretty cool.

CTS: How to prevent Taper Tantrums.

Ryan and Ryno circumnavigate the South African Kingdom of Lesotho. (I’d always pronounced it “Le-SO-tho” until I met some South Africans guides who corrected my pronunciation to “Le-Soo-too.”  Now you know.

Awesome! Biel Rafols captures Sara Alonso running thru an electric crowd at Zegama.

Malcolm Gladwell and David Epstein geek out about running.  And if you haven’t listened to Gladwell’s interview book/series with Paul Simon, you’re missing out. If you’re a fan of Simon,, be sure to check it out.

And hey Broken Arrow Skyrace runners! If you haven’t yet returned your athlete questionnaire, please do so ASAP. The finish line announcer needs something to talk about as you cross the line and ring the bell!

Part One of a new video series featuring Jim Walmsley on his trek to win UTMB.

Ah, Northern California!

Ultrasignup News: Going the distance with your dog.

What happens when you’re running an ultramarathon and you get stranded in Birdsville due to a flooded river? I’m beginning to think we need an “Australia” tag…

Sarah chats with iRunFar’s Megan Hicks about the changing landscape of MUT media, among other things.

The latest Mountain Outhouse News featuring HS track, Dipsea, and recent MUT results. So glad the news is back!

Speaking of Dipsea, I’m running on Sunday and my lungs are still in rough shape from Covid. (I’m pooped after a mile and feel like I’ve got a tight band around my chest.) Anyone have recommendations other than go slooooow?

AJW/IRF: Intriguing stories and predictions for Western States.

Ultrarunning Magazine: What’s up in ultramarathon races this weekend?

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