Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, June 11

Treeline Journal: Storylines to follow at Western States this year. Jim v Tim? Brittany v Clare? Foreign women? Dark horses? Who’ll be there spectating besides Chase and I?

iRunFar: AJW takes his first DNF after 185 successful finishes. Wasn’t for lack of grit or effort though. Smart decision.

Update: One of the Communist Party leaders in charge of the deadly Chinese ultramarathon curiously falls out of his apartment window and dies. Another 27 officials charged with criminal offenses.

My current running partners.

I don’t find it legit to assign “records” to Backyard-style events, but maybe it’s just me. Two British guys ran more than 337 miles over 81 hours until one of them tapped out.

For those of us in endurance sports…and with jobs…and with families…and with other commitments….time is the most important measure of our day and is both our friend and foe. Here’s a great piece about how and why we measure it and how we need to reexamine our relationship with the clock.

USATF 50k Road Champs is this weekend at Camusett State Park in NY. Can’t find an entrants list anywhere…anyone?

The guy who tried to kayak from California to Hawaii (which surprised me has only been done one time before) takes a DNF.

iRunFar’s Bryon Powell is taking a break from running. I can relate. When running is not just your passion and hobby buy also your job, something’s gotta give. He’ll be back.

Skurka: If you’re going to carry bear spray on the trails, know how to carry it.

Short news day. What did I miss?
Recording new episode today after I scrapped my solo podcast idea. Stay tuned.

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