Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, June 2

Comrades is this weekend in South Africa. The oldest and largest ultramarathon in the world (caps at 20k runners!) the race always has stout competition. I’ll admit to not being too familiar with the many in the men’s field (I recognize Pat Reagan and Brendan Davies), but the women’s field is stacked with recognizable (to me) names like Devon Yanko, Camille Herron, Collen de Reuck, and Sarah Bard. With last years winner out, the race is wide open. Coverage here.

Top 50 long distance hiking trails in the US. I suppose you could run on them, right?

High school kid becomes 10th prep runner to go sub 4 in the mile.

Jade reviews the Ruhn 3/4 length compression pants and comes to same conclusions as Ben: No chafing, great quality, good price, but size down.

Are you a side sleeper who has a tough time in sleeping bags? Here’s a possible solution.

The miles between 66 and 83 were alternating pacers, puking, trying to eat, remembering to drink, me complaining about how tired I was, puking, trying to not fall asleep walking, taking a couple of more naps and just moving forward. I was moving SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, but I was still moving and that’s what needed to happen.

And it doesn’t get a lot better after that. Brad’s (very relatable!) report from his most recent 100 miler in Iowa.

Feel like racing on trails and swimming through the Swedish arhicpalego while tethered to your buddy? Consider the Otillo Swimrun Championships. Here’s an informative video, and here’s a great report. Top three bucket list, right there.

Four more interesting story lines for this year’s Western States.  How awesome would that be if Meghan (Arbogast) Laws gets the overall 50+ record?!?

OK, now this is interesting. French reader Dylan sent me this study about AI and robots and some fascinating predictions about how soon they’ll be performing human functions and hobbies. For example, robots are predicted to be able to beat the best human Angry Birds player in about three years and compose a top-40 song in 11 years.  So guess how long the experts predict before one can “beat the fastest human runners in a 5 kilometer race through city streets using a bipedal robot body.”  First, consider how scary that must look, then go to page 17 for the answer.  I can has robot pacer?

This is what happens when headlines and data points get conflated.

Camelbak is putting on a series of outdoor camps around the country that feature a number of different outdoor activities (trail running, yoga, MTB, SUP) and levels of comfort from camping to glamping. Check out this link for more info.

Looking at Vermont 50 in September.  Haven’t heard a bad thing about it. Anyone live nearby?

He’s back! My favorite running philosopher took a break for awhile but returns with this excellent post on the runners high.

You’ve heard and read me complain about how TUEs inhibit real change in the PED culture, and this article adds some excellent context: Should aging athletes be allowed to use testosterone banned for other competitors? What do you think?

The LetsRun boards discuss how Keninisa Bekele would do in an ultramarathon. With his xc experience, it’d certainly be fun to watch.

One more shoe review coming today…Ben compares a few Salomon models side by side. Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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