Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, June 26

Update on Matt Flaherty‘s racing, injury, and musings on Western States.

How to get into ultramarathon or trailrunning without hurting yourself.

If you’re crewing tomorrow (especially at Western States), listen to this episode with Kim Gaylord. Not only is she a great runner, but she’s crewed her husband all around the world and offers sage advice on how to be effective at getting your runner to the finish line in one piece.

AJW does a great job of putting the runner in the moment along the WS course.

Mackey coming thru Foresthill in 2012.
Mackey coming thru Foresthill in 2012.

Love it! Billy’s new Lake Sonoma highlights video.  How he doesn’t trip when he’s running with a camera is beyond me.

This venue certainly isn’t as pretty as Lake Sonoma, but I bet it’d get your heart pumping just as fast.

And an open invitation to anyone who’s like to join me in the URP tent at Foresthill. I’ll be set up somewhere between the school and Cal Street, have a cooler full of craft beer and food, chairs, a misting system, and plenty of MUT banter.  I’ll be there from noon-7 or so.

An Afghan girl’s running storyI started running because it constantly reminds me of the privileges and opportunities that I have and it truly makes me appreciate having the freedom to put on my shoes and run. I run because I am part of a small percentage of Afghan women who have the opportunity to run.

Did you read this Western States throwback with Frank Bozanich? And holy cow, check out that racing calendar from 1979!

Sarah wrote a powerful piece about how running can ruin relationships.  Check it out here.

This couple has that part figured out.

There’s no denying I love Western, but if I were to choose my favorite race of the year (that I’ve never been to!) it’d be Mount Marathon.  Here’s a new video, and here’s the original.

And now Magness responds to AlSal’s statement. Funny how it took Salazar 3 weeks to issue a statement, but it only takes a few hours to rebut his claims.  And another astute evisceration of AlSal’s comments.  Come on, Nike, when are you going to make a statement?

Also from LetsRun: The weekly MENSA members got together long enough to somehow draw comparisons between ultramarathoners and zoos.

I’m telling ya, the steeplechase is the best sport to watch for many reasons. The toughest events for some reason have the most attractive athletes. Evolution, I guess.

Cycling can be dangerous to your running technique. Be careful.

Live coverage for tomorrow’s race:

ultrasportslive.tv will have 9 live video cameras out, and some runners will be tracked live via GPS.

iRunFar will have twitter updates and discussions online

ultralive.net will have a running spreadsheet of aid stations and finishes.


And finally, there’ll be no URP Daily News next Mon-Wed. I’ll be in Hawaii for a much needed break (and for my sister’s wedding.) Aloha.



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