Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, June 3

Ultramarathon News – Better Late Than Never!

On my 4am run, I found a spreading brush fire and had to deal with the fire dept, which put a wrinkly in my morning routine. Sorry.

Jamil and Schuyler are back with a new episode. This time, they create custom GU flavors and try them out.  Spaghetti, fire, pickle, avocado, and more. Hilarious.

I guess the “most runners are nice” adage doesn’t fit with this gal. Anyone recognize her?

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Didya hear our latest podcast? Ethan and I chat with Brian Morrison about his DQ from Western States in 2006 and how he’s prepared for the race this year.   It was great hearing the story firsthand!

The episode was sponsored by the first North Face Endurance Challenge in Ontario, Canada. 50M, 50k, marathon, half, and kids race all at the beautiful Blue Mountain Resort on July 16-17.  Check it out here.

And one final note about the interview. It turns out that Brian was given a DNF at Robie Point and his times/splits are reflected here on line 213.  I’m sure it was discussed in ’06, but does anyone have insight why it was a DNF rather than a DQ? I’m just curious.

Ian covers hypothermia and hyperthermia. Do you know the difference?

When it was organic, the hillbilly hecklers were hilarious. Now that’s it’s a “thing”, my guess it that it’ll seem a bit contrived.

Industry News: Nike seeks relief to prevent Berian from wearing New Balance.  Article gives a good, balanced synopsis of the issue.

90 yo WWII vet finishes a 10k in Boulder and just wants a damn beer.

Here it is: The Angry Jogger’s report from his latest 100k.

Have a great weekend everyone…stay cool!

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