Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, June 4

SCMP: Ultramarathons, trail racing, and other “dangerous sports” suspended in China in wake of last months tragedy.

Runner’s World: Here’s why you’ll never run the exact distance you think you’re running in a race.

It wouldn’t be Western States month without AJW writing about his favorite section of the trail. (This also means I better get my alpenhorn out and start practicing!)

As you head out on adventures this summer, keep in mind there are animals out there that can fu(king kill you.

Pop science, defined: Runner’s World article on how pink drinks affect runners differently than clear drinks. Sample size: 10.

CTS/Koop: How investing in Bitcoin and training for an ultramarathon are shockingly similar.

BBC: Kenya’s Margaret Wambui floats the idea of a third category in Athletics: Female athletes with abnormally high testosterone. (Are there that many DSD runners out there where this would be a viable thing? Lots of questions about how this could/would work.)

Glad to see Liza’s Age Old Runner column reborn! Love the idea of highliting 45+ year old local runners and anxious to read the first installment.

Outside’s takeover of Trailrunner Magazine seems to be complete: The majority (?) of the articles are now behind a paywall. Kind of a bummer that it’s reversed like this…I was just commenting the other day that the magazine is a lot more readable now that the wokey articles have become less frequent.

A new record for Everesting has been set…this time in Vietnam.

Short film: The simple, mental wildness of trail running.

Recording a solo podcast today about my race last weekend. Stay tuned.

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