Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, June 5

If you’re going to read one race report today, read this one. A tall white ultra marathoner and a short Ethiopian elite female share some incredible moments in a marathon that aren’t fully understood until the race is over.

Why Max, Sage, and Mike also train on the roads.

Did you see the Montrail Ultra Cup standings for 2015? While the women’s side is pretty wrapped up, the men’s side will come down to Western States.

The moral hierarchy of “clean eating” and food.

…and now the NoMeatAthlete has also cut oils out of his diet. 

Here’s a great video from the Cayuga 50 Trail Championships. I’ll be releasing our interview from 2nd place (in his debut ultra) finisher Jared Burdick today.

Sabrina Little’s hysterical story about drug testing. Read it.

Dean’s tribute to Dave in a “you know you’re a runner” top ten list.


Alex Varner’s report from IAU Trail Champs in Annecy with some great pics. And goats.

Allergies are killing me right now, and I’m considering getting one of these. Thoughts?

Running is killing us: An awesomely philosophical view on our sport.

Here’s another compelling account of running Comrades for the first time.  Bucket list for sure.

What Jason Fitzgerald learned from his first ultra DNF.

What do you think about age grading? Here’s an analysis of how to use it correctly.

Lots of races this weekend, including Bryce Canyon, my first official hundred a few years ago.  Here’s the podcast where Scotty interviewed me about the race.


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