Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Mar 1

A guide to all the all you can eat buffets along the Appalachian Trail. In other news, I discovered a new (to me) Indian place near my house and my life will never be the same.

American football player’s wife and another model get busted for cheating at half marathon.

Savannah reviews the NB Zante for kids. How darn cool is that?

Beer can/bottle art is probably my favorite type of art. Some pretty handsome beers in there, too. That Open Mic Oat Soaked IPA looks so…damn…creamy.

The mountain lion that attacked the runner in Colorado last month was a 3-4 month old kitten. I get the feeling that some people will say it’s 1/3 of the weight of a full grown cougar, but I see it more as an angry house cat that’s the size of a pretty big dog and that’s horrifying.

AJW has an Uncle Rico moment as he reflects on athletic milestones and how they shape our lives.

I’ve been clear and respectful about my views on trans women competing against women who were born biologically female in professional sports: I don’t think it’s fair and it certainly doesn’t pass the (subjective) common sense test. This author disagrees and that’s fine. 
However, her point is about how trans women don’t have an advantage over biologilcally-born women and she used Renee Richards as her keystone example in the article.  Problem is, Renee Richads herself feels she had a huge advantage because of her (male) biology and doesn’t think trans women should compete in pro sports.  Additionally, Ms. Richards didn’t transition until she was nearly 40yo and didn’t play pro until she was 43, another important point the author left out that fundamentally changes the discussion.
It’s an important and complex issue, but I’ll listen to the physician slash pro athlete on this one. You? Keep it respectful, please.

I just barfed a little in my mouth: Seafood flavored gels.

100% chance of rain in Cool tomorrow as runners line up for Way Too Cool 50k. I’ll be there watching it all go down and tweeting til my fingers bleed.
For the front of the pack, my eyes will be on:
Ladies: Adie Bracy, Camelia Mayfield, Abby Levene, Clare Gallagher, Brittany Peterson, Anne-Marie Madden, and though she won’t be leading, I’ll be cheering for ’94, ’98, ’00 champ and overall badass Luanne Park. (Remind me to share a story about how she I ruined my race at Lake Sonoma a few yeas ago.)
Fellas: Anthony Costales, Pat Reagan, Gus Gibbs, Cody Lind, and Cole Watson.
I’m sure there are others I missed, but whoa, there are some fast runners in there! Bring yer cleats.

Another pregnant runner crushing it on the trails. And a kid getting a high five from Gary Robbins!

To note: The mens WR for the road 100k is held by Nao Kazami, set two years at Lake Saroma. That’s a 5:56 mpm pace. Think about that for a sec. Who’s capable of beating that today?

Your Friday inspiration: Watch this 85yo run a trail marathon and check out the crowds supporting him.

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