Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Mar 10

Yes! Happiness is your backyard trail. 

The latest Mountain Outhouse News Update: Walmsley, Barkley, Twitter Trolls, and more.

Make a living talking about ultramarathons and beer? You can’t do that!

Great question: What’s the point of adventure, anyway?

“I usually enjoy the race for 90 percent of the time,” he says. “Except when I got lost and my lights get low on power. During the race, I am also worried that I might be stung by bees or bitten by dogs.”

The (strange?) state of ultramarathons in China.

Yes! Five tips and some stories on running a hundred miler alone.  

I don’t know the details of the case, but if she was prohibited from running in the Olympics because of a faulty positive PED test 30 years ago, that really really sucks.  Anyone have more info on the specifics?

What’s with ultrarunners doing reality TV? Not discussed: In a sport w few opportunities to make money, this is an easy way to make some easy cash.

Excellent update on the Golden Ticket races for the year.

Beer: How to be hop-friendly, but still retain retain the brewery’s identity.

Yes, you need to warm up before you work out.

Science: Oranges taste better in the shower.

What are you running this weekend?

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