Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Mar 15

Excellent piece by Alastair Humphreys on the changing definition of adventure and how it fits into our lives.

UR Mag: The basics of running your first hundred miler.

Brrrrr.: Jill shares a day in the life of an adventurous woman in Nome, Alaska.

Cheater: I wouldn’t even know how to cheat in a bass tournament, but this guy did, got caught, and is now looking at a felony.

The fighting in Israel has me worried about Wardian and Ian. Stay safe out there, fellas.

Weddings: REI launches wedding registry. Makes sense. But what if these outdoors people want to survive on something other than energy bars?
(I’ve never understood why every outdoor carries fishing gear except REI.)

Friday Funny: What does a baby think when strapped into a running stroller and rocketed through an alien landscape?

NatGeo: Heather “Anish” Anderson named one of six Adventurers of the Year.

Is MUT running not inclusive enough, or is it just a representation of society in general? (I’m anxious to read MacNairn’s dissertation this Spring and will link to it.)

Race report: Excellent report on Transgrancanaria with detailed pictures that show the course. I’ll admit, the confusion about medical certificates and signatures will likely give me a few restless nights leading up to July.

ATRA: Young Tayte has some good words for trail running etiquette, even addressing the runners-and-MTBs-who-yields-to-who issue.

Adventure Blog: I’ve thrown out two sleeping pads in the past few years due to leaks. I had no idea fixing them was a relatively simple possibility.

Stay strong, New Zealand.

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