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YES YES YES: Seven must-have gear picks for your summer adventure.  Get on it, people!

The secrets to dating a non-runner.

Ten ideal summits for first time mountaineering.  Never been up any of them.

At last! I’ve found the most repulsive aid station food imaginable:  Tempura Clam Chowder.  Won’t be served at any races officially, but maybe a fun gag at your next race? (NO. DON’T DO THIS. I’M KIDDING PEOPLE!)  Tempura Clam Chowder Mile anyone?

ULTRARUNNING magazine recently conducted a survey of its readers and here are the results. I should probably do one for URP to find out what you all like/dislike about the site.

Interesting: Dr Jay Friedman submits part 2 of his series: The Runner’s Heart.  How much do you really know about how it affects your running?

More on the Chuckanut female champ Ladia Albertson-Junkans.

Looking for a gig in multi-sport event coordination? Bonus: Work form anywhere in the US.  More here.

I didn’t realize India hadn’t been a member of the IAU. Now they are!  With its burgeoning ultramarathon and trail scene, I expect their participation to grow even more.

I’m working on content for an upcoming episode on mojo/burnout and this piece in RW about motivation and rest days is great.

So what does one pack when fatbiking the Iditarod Trail Invitational?  Here’s a starter gear list.

For those really into race nutrition, this site claims to offer evidence-based plans and solutions.  What do you think?

Good stuff: AJW writes about deliberate practice and what we need to do to get to expert status.

But also read this: Some quick motivation about the amount of work we put into our passions and what it all means in the long run.

If it’s not the shoes, then will this drink help propel runners to go sub2?

Update: Mackey interview fell through, but I’m still giving away an entry into a cool running camp next month.  Bounce over to the Patreon page for more info.

And yes, of course the UTMB lineup this year.  Not much to say that hasn’t been said already, but I certainly hope Zach joins the line up.  Remember, we’ve all pleasured ourselves to entrant list pr0n in the past, only to hear about the DNS list the day before.  Let’s hope everyone gets to the starting line in shape this year.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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