Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Mar 27

Lope Magazine: Incredible essay about Barney and Janis Klecke’s amazing family of runners.

IRF/AJW: Why I prefer solo running. Me too. Groups are fun sometimes (and they’ll be welcome after this is all over!), but solo time on the trail is paramount for my sanity.

BBC: Heading out on a second run? Your nosy neighbor may narc you out.

And this guy will get really pissed off.

You heard Ellie Pell’s story here earlier this month. Now with her cafe closed and her running sponsor shuttering its doors, she’s lunching a fundraiser in conjunction with the Backyard Quarantine Ultra. More info right this way.

Runner’s World: Brittany Spears breaks Bolt’s 100m dash world record.

With this year a scratch, let’s look forward to some cool new races next year…up first, here are all the details for the Cocodona 250 in the Southwest. WOW.

Stuck inside? How to have an authentic ultramarathon experience indoors.

I was on Brendan Leonard’s podcast yesterday and we got into a deep conversation about the art of conversation as well as a long discussion about the best bank heist movies of all time. It’s coming out Tuesday…stay tuned.

SCMP: Got tight hips? Here’s how to release them for more effective running and riding.

Escape your living room and head on the Mogollan Rim Trail with the Coury boys.

I took my first foray into race directing this week by laying out and marking a 1.6 mile xc/trail course on the river near our house. Twists and turns and sand and hills and it’s kicking my butt! Such a tough distance to run hard! Dozens of people have been testing their time (all running/gathering separately, mind you) and hopefully preparing for the next big running boom.

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