Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Mar 27

Great interview from 1981 Ultrarunning Magazine with Frank Bozanich.  Frank is still a no-holds-barred runner with strong opinions, gusto, and attitude, and at 70+, he’ll probably beat you to the finish.  Hear our interviews with him here and here.

Why ultrarunning dirtbaggers should write advice columns.

What do you suppose you could run on this course? Marathon distance, smooth trail, and it loses 2k feet from start to finish.

Here’s a comprehensive database of all runners convicted of doping.

Holy wow:

 Definitely check this out. This dude ran around the world and meticulously mapped and tracked it with his Garmin. Neat to see his exact routes (not to mention some web developer did an awesome job with the site!)

Lessons learned at the Georgia Death Race.

Bay Area folks, looking for something awesome to do this weekend? Climb a 200′ redwood in Santa Cruz!

This kid is eight, he just finished 33 miles at Antelope Island, and he’s got a brain tumor.

On your backcountry runs, do you take a water filter? I’ve got a LifeStraw, but have never had to use it.

The 101 best beers in America. What do you think?

Barkley is this weekend. Follow results at #BM100 or on this site.

What are you running this weekend?

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