Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Mar 3

This week’s Mountain Outhouse...chock full of ultramarathon trail goodness.

Uphill talk with Emelie Forsberg.

OK, I still don’t understand what faffing is.  Anna Frost doesn’t do much of it, so I assume it’s not good, right?

I’m half way through a beer review for a fantastic Saison and have already taken pics.  Dammit, I should’ve read this first.

hermit dude lived in the woods for 27 years and didn’t speak to anyone.  He also hated Thoreau. More here.

I hate Mike Foote: He’s sponsored by a beer company and is in the Italian Alps for the ski-mo world championships.  Also be sure to check out our interview with Mike from 2 years ago where he retells his incredible Crown Traverse story.

Launching a brand is hard work and the folks at Spike Free are looking for your feedback.  Did you get your box of S-Fuels? What did you think? Consider replying to their follow up questionnaire to help them perfect their product and passion.

Does anyone know if this fits onto the new fancy hydration vest from Salomon/UD/Camelbak?

How to get sponsored without being fast.  Good article, but could’ve gone into a lot more depth and detail about money involved (answer: barely) and how others view ambassadors who switch sponsors.

Excellent: Training for a 24 hour ultramarathon.

Doped and busted triathlete now competing in trail ultramarathons.  Boo!!!

Outside Magazine’s best advice ever.  Good stuff in there!  Trying to figure out what one piece of gear I truly love.  You?

Very real guy perspective on preparing for his longest race…and an excellent point on “apologizing” for distances. Have fun out there!

I’ll be up at Way Too Cool tomorrow.  Pretty decent list of runners this year.  Fellas race will be good, and the women’s race will be great if YiOu and Megan line up and race well.  I’ll be live tweeting the event at #wtc50k.

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