Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, Mar 31

Ultramarathon News – Friday, March 31

James reviews a game-changing piece of gear that can help out in myriad trail or ultramarathon race scenarios.  (It’s also good for a Friday laugh.)

This is probably the most talented USATF trail 50k team we’ve sent in awhile.  I’m anxious to see how they do!

Bloggers (ahem, AJW) bummed that April Fool’s Day falls on a Saturday this year. No “Western States Adding Cyborg Division” or “New Lottery Process Will Be on Scratcher Cards” headlines to share…

Here’s the latest episode where Drew Mikita and I try to define runners’ motivation, mojo, and burnout.  How are they related, and is there anything you can do to proactively stave off a slump in activity?   A good talk about a subject that affects all of us.

That episode was brought to you by ultra-stickers.com.  Trail badges, distances, and 400+ other designs for the outdoor enthusiast.  Check them out here.

And in that episode, I talked about a trail camp I’m attending in May on the WS course.  Pop on over to the Patreon page for a chance to win an entry. Contest ends Monday Apr 3.  I’m not going to make you jump thru hoops to win…my 5 year old will pick a name at random.

Morgan Uceny offers some perspective on how doping changed the landscape of the Olympics for her. (Of twelve finisher, six have been DQed for doping.)

Sarah dives in: Is stage racing right for you? I’ll admit, I used to see it as a weak way to finish a longer distance, but after doing one, I want to do more! Running, camaraderie, camping….it’s all there for me and I’ve got the bug.  I definitely recommend trying one out.

What ever happened to footfeathers? Anyone?

I made a point of taking in the scenery and marveling at the natural beauty whenever I felt myself being tempted by negative self-talk. Said friend had also told me before the race that a lot can (and will) change over 50 kilometers. This was particularly helpful insight when I first started dry-heaving along the Ridge trail. It gave me reassurance that this, too, would pass and that the next mile could feel completely different, for the better.

Matt chats with Ladia Albertsson-Jenkins about her recent win at Chuckanut.  I wasn’t familiar with her before, and now i’m anxious to see what she does next!

While many eyes will be on Barkley this weekend (#BM100), there’ll be a big 24 hour race going on just two hours away.  Here are the previews for the Run4Water Mens and Womens fields.

Speaking of Barkley, Iron Mike Wardian included a 2:29 indoor marathon in his taper schedule. NBD, right?

Micah True aka Caballo Blanco

It was just over five years ago that Micah True’s body was found in the Gila Wilderness.  Here’s a letter Jean wrote at the time.

Alright, this looks like a hilarious book. I’ve got to know what percentage of snake bite victims are drunk.

Looks like samples are available again for S-Fuels–you guys and gals blew through their last run in less than a week.   Click the link in the right sidebar (or right here) to check out some healthy fueling options that will help you avoid the sugar spike and bonk.

Throwback Friday?  Listen to this interview with Gary Robbins to hear about his incredible adventure at Barkley last year and some sage advice on pacing hundreds.  Great stuff.

The volunteer community that supports this wacky sport of ours is certainly special. Ellie writes about it more here.  And I’ll add this: After a call for volunteers for a certain ultramarathon this weekend, I emailed the contact and asked if I could help.  The response: We have enough volunteers.  I guess it’s a good sign that they don’t need any extra bodies? First time I’ve been denied entry to help out.



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