Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Mar 4

What’s up in trail running and ultramarathon races this weekend?

iRunFar: UTMB, ITRA, and others ban Russian and Belarussian athletes from competing due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I understand and fully support banning state sponsored federations, but individual athletes, many of whom speak out against the Russian belligerence? Doesn’t sit well with me but open to discussion.

Ultrasignup/Yanko: Ten ultramarathons you might not know. This post is definitely a sign of how popularity has changed for races. Miwok used to be such a huge race with top flight entrants and national (if not international) buzz around it. Now it’s considered iconic but obscure.
So what happened? Why the focus away from Miwok? It didn’t change hands or have any major RD issues, so how and why does our collective focus and interest wane from events?
(Great list, by the way.)

Kevin Beck unloads on David Roche’s coaching philosophy and wokism.

Well, yeah, I suppose losing an arm to a damn hippopotamus is pretty good training for Marathon des Sables.

Lia Thomas interviewed in Sports Illustrated Magazine. Meanwhile, Lia’s female teammates have been brow beaten and threatened to not speak up for themselves. Still, silence from those who regularly speak out about misogyny.

Trailrunner Mag: Using AI to come up with new trail names. Pretty funny article.

Wanna go viral? Run a half marathon while wearing ninety one shirts.

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