Ultramarathon Daily News | Fri, Mar 6

iRunFar: Liza Howard highlights the incredible Meghan Laws. Truly one of the most remarkable athletes in our sport and kindest people I know. Great writeup.

SCMP: Don’t use “ultramarathons are all in the mind” as an excuse not to train properly. Good reminders from Mark Agnew.

Jamil Coury: Cool video that shows the Barkley course without all the people. Looks like great running!

Here’s Day Two of Barkley Training in the rain.

And day three with Gary Robbins. Probably my favorite from the series.

Did you catch our latest episode with Ellie Pell? Ellie won a 50k outright last year, she finished 3rd at JFK, and she just ran in the Olympic Marathon Trials. What’s next? Lake Sonoma! We talk training, growing up, air fryers, and more. You’ve got to hear the stoke coming through!

In that interview with Ellie we spoke about the Green Lakes Endurance Run that earned her all the funny media attention. Here’s a video from that race.

Trails and Tarmac: Also in Atlanta, a group of friends from the PNW hits the trials and has a blast. Must’ve been a really electric day as I’ve read zero complaints from anyone. Nice job all around!

WaPo: IOC will decide on transgender athletes in sport after the Games.

Semi-Rad: Should you do it in jeans? SF Bay Area folks, who’s the guy who runs trail races in cutoff jeans and the syrup bottle? I’d love to know more about him.

Olympian Ruth Jebet popped for EPO from a few years ago and given four year suspension but keeps her Olympic medals.
So just to clarify what I understand many peoples’ position to be: Drugs are not OK because they give an unfair advantage, but biological males competing against women is fine. Please, someone explain how this makes sense.

Adventure Journal: The struggles of an introverted adventurer. I’m very much an extrovert and my wife is 99% introverted, so I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand the mindset and personality. This is a great article that takes it a step further into familiar outdoor territory.

Women with small feet (size 4): What do you wear for racing flats (not spikes) on the road/track? Most start at size 5, so maybe a model that runs really really small? Thanks.

First review of the new HOKA TenNine. I remember very publicly laughing at the original HOKAs on this show, then years later trying them out and falling in love. I’ll reserve judgement on these until I get them on my feet.

Speaking of shoes, has anyone tried these laundry bags for cleaning your kicks?

URP Daily News throwback: March 6, 2014: Magda interview, DBo at Transgrancanaria and gear drama, first 50k, and more.

More throwback: Peter Bromka’s (first) essay about growing up a runner and how it’s helped him get through some of life’s tough spots.

Iditarod update from Alaska. Tough year, geez. And here’s an update specifically on the women’s foot race.

Track and Field News: Ten questions with Usain Bolt. Sounds like he’s looking for something to do to stay fit that doesn’t involve tons of time on the track. I’ve got an idea, hint hint! Wouldn’t ya love to see what someone like he could do on the trails? I have no idea, but would love to watch!

Computer update: Bluetooth started working for GarageBand for some reason (ya know when you make a doc appt and the cough goes away?), but I”m still looking for replacement options in the near future. Thanks for everyone’s help.

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