Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, May 1

Some nighttime trail races to add to your calendar. Here’s another one in Auburn, CA. Any other events missing from the list?

We can debate as to whether some grafitti qualifies as “art”, but this type of thing really ticks me off.

Five little things that’ll yield big results in our running. Which do you do, and why do you avoid the others?

Holy cow! This guy just broke Ueli Steck’s record on the Matterhorn by ten minutes. Tough!

A scientific approach to the importance of dowhill training for ultramarathons.

Saw this on FB. Great idea.
Saw this on FB. Great idea.

We’re not all elites: This is how a midpacker prepares and preps for his first 100k.

What do you think of drones at races? Do they bother you?

Did you hear our new interview with Travis Macy, author of The Ultra Mindset? Dude’s got some crazy stories to share, then helps apply those lessons to every day life. Here’s Sarah’s review of the book.

DC Rainmaker reviews TomTom’s foray into the action cam market.

Interesting: As a result of Kathmandu rising a bit during the earthquake, Everest “shrank” by about three feet.

Awesome: Energy gel flowchart.

I don’t understand all the climbing lingo, but it sounds like Anton’s a pretty good climber.

This weekend:

Two big NorCal races tomorrow: The Canyons 50/100k on the WS course will see Rob Krar, Magdalena Boulet, YiOu Wang, etc get a nice workout on the toughest part of the course.  Watch it live here.

Miwok 100k covers some of the most beautiful trails in California–the Marin Headlands. Though not as deep a field as in years past, it’ll still be a quick race with some top runners, and all with excellent organization.

There’s also a North Face Endurance Challenge in New York that looks nice.

If you’re looking for something old school and swampy, there’s a 50/50 in South Carolina on Saturday.

And in case you’re still in Kansas, there’s a 50 miler out and back tomorrow as well.

What are you running/racing this weekend?

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