Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, May 12

Running ultramarathons as a newly-diagnosed type 1 diabetic. If you’re healthy and able to run, never take a day for granted.

Broken Arrow Skyrace is on! Snow, scree, prize purses, alphorns, and incredible views.  Race management met with Squaw Valley officials and they’ve got a green light for next month.  This is going to be awesome. 

Comrades elite runners announced. Quick scan, I recognize Colleen de Reuck, Devon Yanko, Sarah Bard and Camille Herron. I’m not familiar with any of the fellas at first glance. Who should I be watching?

Though the term “marathon” is used incorrectly, guess how many days it’ll take to show every “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” back to back.  Don’t peak.

Looking to increase your training mileage safely? Start here.

Increased mileage means increased hydration and nutrition. Here’s Camelbak’s current lineup of bottles, packs, and vests.

Chase realizes that finding and maintaining the parenting/training balance is much harder than any race. Dude, I understand.  It can be done.

It’s hard to extract the part of yourself that needs to be looked after, when looking after yourself often means going for a run. At times, running is both my killer and my cure, my light and my darkness, my blessing and my curse.

Excellent essay about the mental health side of doubt, ultramarathons, self-confidence, and hard work.

Twelve favorite beer accessories. That IceMule backpack looks like the perfect crew/drop bag.  Anyone tried it?

Oldie but goodie:

The LetsRun Academic Decathlon Team debates whether Walmsley goes sub 14 at Western this year. Good point: Is sub 14 on a possible snow course still “sub 14”?

Liza’s self-deprecating humor is spot on. That is confidence and strength.

How marathons and ultramarathons deal with the “finishing under your own power” issue.  With thoughts from Thornley, Sage, and others.

Excellent: Seven ways to get your kids running.  I’m struggling with this in a big way right now as Sunny wants to play soccer in the fall with her friends, but I’m afraid she’ll lose focus on cross country. I know, I know, let her make the decisions or she’ll be resentful, but dang, it’s hard.

Have a great weekend everyone. What are you running?


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