Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, May 15

Watch this: Awesome video of the festivities and action of Transvulcania. (FIXED) Wow!  Fine, don’t watch the whole thing, but jump ahead to 1:48:15 to see what BANANA BEASTMODE is all about.

Magdalen Boulet heading towards Devil's Thumb on the WS course.
Magdalen Boulet heading towards Devil’s Thumb on the WS course. pic by URP.

NUC (No Ultramarathon Content) whatsoever, but here are 23 brilliant life lessons from someone I admire, Anthony Bourdain.

The “Young Guns of Ultrarunning”, circa 2002.

I understand the adventure aspect of off-trail running, but it needs to find balance with respect for the natural habitat.  What do you think?

I feel like I’ve missed out on something. Anyone had any Mexican craft beers?

Similar to yesterday’s post about women in ultrarunning, here’s a post about women in other sports and the vicious cycle of no coverage, so no sponsors, so no coverage…

Zach Bitter’s Ice Age 50 race report.  Watch out, he’s focusing on the trails again!

Can you work off depression with a workout? I’m not a mental health professional, and despite my wife’s opinion, I don’ have any mental issues, but I’ve got to believe the part they’re leaving out is that many people suffering from depression simply don’t want to go out and run, even if they are runners.   Am I wrong?

A NorthFace climber takes on his first trail ultra and has a new respect for the sport: Ultrarunning, it always never gets better. Great post!

In the animal world, these types of people are taken care of naturally.  But in our world, we’ve got to warm them to not sign up for a dodgy looking color run.

This 24 hour trail FKT in the UK seems like a pretty awesome adventure. Anxious to see how he does.

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